posted on Friday, August 17th, 2007 by Jonas Blake



m2e’s new iPhone application, i2inspect, is an innovative time saving solution. From quality control punch-out inspections in high-rise buildings to real-time inspection services, the i2inspect program turns the iPhone into a client facing mobile inspection platform, fully integrated with photographs, checklists, and continually updating reports, all in one device. Take a tour of this state of the art technology by following this link that allows you to simulate the application on a PC.

(You will need a WebKit powered browser; we recommend either Safari or Google Chrome)

Smart Phone Optimized Web Design

With smart phones rapidly growing in the internet browsing market, the last thing you want is to be left behind. If a client looks up your website on their iPhone, will they see it in pieces, scattered around the screen? Will it be too small to read, or require constant scrolling? At m2e, our iPhone developers can modify your website to make it a perfect fit for the browsers of the future, smart phones.

Contact Dejan Tepavac for more information, at:

Robotic Parking Feasibility Analysis

Robotic parking has become a necessity in urban development. Our experts, including Dr. Tepavac with a PhD in robotics, are uniquely qualified to vet the system and the vendor best suited for your project and budget. During the commissioning of the equipment, we assure a services integration of the system into the building.