Green Engineering Services

posted on Saturday, August 1st, 2009 by Jonas Blake

Green Engineering Services:

m2e proudly contributes to the overall energy conservation efforts and environmental sustainability in our communities. We are a member of the US Green Building Council, and have LEED Accredited Professionals, licensed individuals in all areas of engineering and licensed contractors on staff.

Building Commissioning

m2e has a licensed Commissioning Agent on staff, with experience in commissioning buildings up to 750,000 square feet. Our comprehensive commissioning reports analyze in detail all of the building system, assuring that they are working properly, according to design, and in the most energy efficient way possible. Clients who follow the suggestions in our commissioning plans can save thousands of dollars on their energy costs.

LEED Consulting

Our team of experienced LEED Accredited Professionals help to streamline the LEED Certification process, making it simple, easy, and inexpensive. Our familiarity and practical knowledge of each LEED credit allows us unique insight into how to choose the appropriate credits for each individual project, based on the feasibility and cost of each credit. By choosing the right credits, and the right technologies for each credit, we can achieve and document each credit simply and easily, and considerably reduce the additional cost of achieving LEED Certification.

Energy Modeling

All new construction requires energy modeling, and LEED Certification requires a more rigorous energy modeling. m2e uses our experience in the field and advanced software to produce accurate and detailed energy models, meeting all the specifications of the Code and of the LEED rating systems.

LEED Design

Our entire team of design professionals is LEED Accredited. With the combined knowledge and experience of LEED AP Professional Engineers in the fields of Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering, m2e is able to provide coordinated system designs that work together to achieve incredible energy savings while at the same having a lower initial cost.

40 of the credits in the LEED for New Construction v.3 rating system are directly related to Engineering, and another 18 credits require Engineering input, so out of a total of 110 credits more than 50% are affected by the engineering design team. Make sure you choose the right one.

Green Building Services