Construction Litigation Services

posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 by Marketing Director

Construction Litigation Services:

Quality Control & Litigation Mediation

m2e’s core reputation is based on its exposure and experience of the construction litigation process. By providing named witnesses in several disciplines in numerous mediation, arbitration and litigation processes, we have developed an intrinsic sensibility and respect for the process itself. Our no-nonsense approach has earned us the business and respect of the most prominent law firms in the country.

Construction Claims Analysis and Resolution

Our construction experts have years of experience in analyzing and understanding the causes of construction liability, with a focus on coming to a resolution that is acceptable and fair to everyone involved.

Scheduling & Time Delay Analysis

Our experts in scheduling can proactively monitor the pace of construction in order to identify early signs of possible delay causes. For delay claims, m2e analyzes the “as-designed” versus “as-built” schedule to identify the events that might give rise to claimed delays. Based on the analysis of construction, we provide estimated percentage liabilities (responsibility) of the parties that generated the claimed delay.

Forensic Engineering

When the unexpected happens, the first thing that you need to know is why. With our in-depth understanding of all disciplines of engineering, we are the best choice for determining the root causes of engineering problems. By clearly defining the causation, we are uniquely qualified to design a practical and economical solution for the problem at hand. We cooperate regularly with local and national laboratories and experts on numerous cases, allowing us to select the best specialty professional for a given task. Our no-nonsense approach has earned us the business and respect of the most prominent law firms in the country.

Expert Testimony

m2e has experts in every field of construction engineering, including structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection. Their vast experience and capacity to grasp the essence of a case has earned us the respect and repeat business of the most prominent law firms in the region and country.