Condominium Services

posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 by Marketing Director

Condominium Services:

Turnover Reports

m2e facilitates the Turnover process, by generating an accurate and objective Turnover Report. The Report is presented in an easy to peruse format, suitable to facilitate the grasp on most acute problems. Issues are classified by importance and by acuteness. Besides identifying and documenting construction issues, the report presents an approximate estimate for their repair. Our reputation for firmness and fairness has earned us the respect of Developers. As such, m2e is most qualified to help Condominium Associations, representing the homes of their constituents, to negotiate the best possible outcome of this process. We have in-house licensed individuals in all areas of engineering, as well as licensed contractor on staff.

Claims Analysis and Litigation Support

m2e’s core reputation is based on its exposure and experience of the construction litigation process. By providing named witnesses in several disciplines in numerous mediation, arbitration and litigation processes, we have developed an intrinsic sensibility and respect for the process itself. Our no-nonsense approach has earned us praise for objectiveness and capability to grasp core issues. This has made a particularly qualified in helping our clients identify their chances in a litigation process, and servicing their needs as they engage in it.

40 Years Recertification

This inspection is mandated in Miami-Dade and Broward County. It encompasses the safety of continuing use for structures that are 40 years old or more. Our electric and structural engineers (the two disciplines included in the certification) can quickly identify the issues, if any, that need addressing. In case that repairs are necessary, we will define the protocol the most economical approach, and help implement it.

Structural & MEP Issues Analysis and Resolution

Whether it is a suspicious structural crack, balcony edges that are separating, or inadequate water pressure or temperature control, we have the in-house experts to identify the source of the problem, and design a practical and cost-effective solution.

Concrete Restoration

A successful concrete restoration begins with a comprehensive inspection and definition of scope. Although all conditions can rarely be identified, m2e’s thorough overview of the building not only minimizes the possibility for excessive change orders, but also defines the optimum products and protocols to use. A detailed specification and bid package follows the initial inspection. Qualified contractors are vetted based on a “apples to apples” comparison. We observe and critique the work as it is performed and assist the association in approving draws. A project close-out assures that all warranties will be in place. Our outstanding record for efficient and economically completed projects is our best reference.

Waterproofing & Paint Scope Definition and Control of Work

Water intrusion, whether through a roof, a planter, an expansion joint, or a sliding glass door in a window, is always unpleasant. Rather than solely advising on remedial work, we concentrate on identifying the source of the problem and address is proactively. We have successfully performed on numerous pool decks, porte-cochère, planters and other building elements. Upon identifying the origin of the problem through comprehensive inspections, we provide a repair protocol, specifications and a bid package for qualified contractors. M2e observes and critiques the work as it is performed, and assists the association in approving draws. A project close-out assures that all warranties will be in place. Our outstanding record for efficient and economically completed projects is our best reference.

Reserve Studies & Reserve Analysis

A properly derived reserve budget is crucial to the functioning of an association. Our exposure to construction prices in all the facets of our practice allows us to give an association an accurate and realistic estimate for reserves.

Chinese Drywall Remediation

The approach to this known scourge in construction has evolved since it was first identified and isolated. Diverse protocols have been published and amended. M2e has actively participated in identifying, then assessing the size of this problem and then devising a comprehensive approach to the removal and replacement of the faulty drywall. We are proficient with the complex logistic involved in replacing drywall in an occupied home or building. The invaluable experience makes us uniquely qualified to successfully complete these projects.