These 2 garages in the City Beautiful aren’t so beautiful. It’s down to 2 ideas

posted on Monday, January 16th, 2017 by Marketing Director

The plan to redevelop two garages in downtown Coral Gables is moving closer to a decision from the City Commission and involves some major players in the South Florida development world.

TC Gables is a partnership between developers Terranova, ZOM and Gibson Development with design by Arquitectonica. Coral Gables City Center is a collaboration between The Allen Morris Company and Related, with design work from Zyscovich Architects.

The project is still far from an official vote on planning and zoning changes or site plans. But renderings and plans from both groups have been ranked and discussed by an evaluation committee and the City Center proposal is currently ranked higher.

“These garages are so important to the city and so strategically placed that whatever is built there will be important in defining the future of Coral Gables,” said Allen Morris, part of the Coral Gables City Center team.

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