Georg Ketelhohn Speaks on Pending Homeowner Legislative Bills

posted on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 by Marketing Director

Georg Ketelhohn of Siegfried Rivera Hyman Lerner De La Torre Mars & Sobel expressed concern in a DBR statement regarding Jay Fant’s House Bill 501. Florida law allows four years for homeowners to file a construction claim in case of structural defects. The pending proposal would decrease the 10 year statute of repose down to seven years. Ketelhohn stated “some construction defects do not manifest for at least seven years.” Condo associations and owners may not be able to file viable claims for construction issues that are no fault of their own. The other proposal in question lies within the details of the claim. Homeowners would need specify and investigate all defects. Ketelhohn told DBR “the intention is to limit construction claims in the state.”